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Consulting Services

Over the years I have been blessed to have worked with a wide range of clients. Today, I limit my clients to work with select individuals who need specific attention or those who have tried everything else and failed.  My passion is helping you succeed and this can only be done by giving you the attention you deserve. By limiting clientele, I fine-tune programming so that goals are met. I work with clients who seek to reduce pain, prevent injury, improve fitness and enhance performance. Location is not a problem –  all training can be done virtually.

Please use the contact form below and tell me a little about yourself and goals. I promise to get back to you ASAP!

Corrective Exercise for Injury Prevention or Pain Relief


Has previous therapy failed? Has physical therapy insurance expired? Have you been to multiple doctors without any results? My specialty is working individuals who have said yes to these questions. I begin with a focused assessment to identify potential issues related to your pain and injury. Based on my findings, I then follow a unique and proven treatment method to correct dysfunctional movement that can resolve complex injuries.

Injury Prevention

SoccerACL sprains, Low-back pain, Shin splints, jumper’s knee, rotator cuff syndrome, impingement syndrome, and chronic knee pain are a few of the common injuries that are easily prevented with corrective exercise. Did you know there are almost a quarter-million ACL injuries every year? Did you know over 80% of the adult population has had some form of low back pain? How about over 60% of baseball pitchers have shoulder and or elbow pain? Are you a runner who has experienced chronic knee pain or shin splints? I take all clients through a structured movement assessment to identify injury risk factors. I then correct these risk factors using a structured program that prevents injury.

Performance Enhancement 

What are you doing to enhance your speed, agility, quickness, and power? Are you a high school athlete working to make the varsity team or get that collegiate athletic scholarship? Maybe you are a college athlete hoping to get drafted by a professional team. I will do a systematic performance assessment to obtain baseline performance measures. I will use this data to understand your current performance level and develop a unique program specifically for you.

Fitness Training and Weight Loss Coaching

Scale, tape

Do you hate going to the gym? Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable in a public setting and just want a good workout? Do you seek 1-on-1 training that focuses on you and your needs? Every client has different goals. Every program I create is tailored to match your current physical state and your goals. No generic programs, no uncomfortable feeling, and no using the same old everyday exercises. When you train with me you will be getting a unique, fun, and nontraditional program.

On-site or Virtual training

Any service I offer can be done on-site or virtually. Advancements in the digital age allow clients the opportunity to work with individuals from around the world. Studies have shown that virtual training can be just as effective as one-on-one training. Using Skype, I have worked with clients around the world and have had great success. No matter what type of training you need, we can do it on-site or over the internet from the comfort of your home.

For information on a free one-time evaluation or for information on rates and fees please use the form below to contact me.

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