5 comments on “Postpartum Weight Loss

  1. Breast milk production alone burns about 500 calories a day…it’s pretty incredible. I didn’t exercise at all for the first few months after Annabelle was born, and I lost all my pregnancy weight (25 lbs) plus 5 more pounds on top of that, in only about two months. It was effortless! And, it is important for breastfeeding women to eat the extra calories that they need, otherwise milk production can suffer. I appreciate your post on this, Josh! A lot of people don’t even broach the subject, it’s nice to read!

  2. Before doing abdominal exercises, always check for diastasis recti. Most common abdominal exercises, including crunches, will make this problem worse! Instead, strengthen your transverse abdominis first.

    • Absolutely spot on Anne. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, specifically the increases in progesterone, soften connective tissues and increase laxity. Performing abdominal exercises during late phase pregnancy or postpartum can tear the linea alba, thus diastasis recti. Until hormonal levels subside isometric contraction of the pelvic floor and strengthening of the transverse abdominis are prudent.
      Not only is the linea alba susceptible to tearing, the ligaments supporting the spine and pelvis are also lax, making these structures unstable and prone to injury. Isometric abdominal exercises will increase muscle tonicity to help support the pelvis and spine. As hormonal levels begin to return to normal levels, tissues become stiffer and resilient. This increased stiffness plus added strength of supporting core musculature will help prevent against injury.

      Appreciate the comment!

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