4 comments on “Shin Splints 101

  1. Just like you said I as well was told the myth that it was about the shoes I was wearing or the training surface. I was told these things by my high school track coach. She and he would tell us this all the time. It makes me glad that there are people that can debunk the myths so that we can share and explain the whys and hows of things to others so that later down the road maybe there won’t be as much of these “myths” going around. I think I need to share this with some friends I know.

    • Thanks in advance for sharing. Your coaches are nto entirely wrong. Old shoes with high mileage can lose stability, but if you have the neuromusclar control it will not matter. This is a reason why barefoot running has become so popular and has been shown to reduce incidence of shin splints. Barefoot running improves these inhibited muscles and can improve function, resulting in decreased pain.

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