8 comments on “Treatment for Pelvic Rotation and Low Back Pain

  1. Is there a surgurical correction if all these techniques fail, to keep the pelvis from moving thus causing a pelvic tilt every time stand or sit. Had accident 8 yrs ago and have acute pain every day since. Did the manual releases and pilates as pt for 2 yrs. Didn’t help. Use tens unit. Didn’t help.

    • Surgery is always an option, but rehab is the much safer route and oftentimes provides better outcomes. Surgery may not improve anything. In complex cases – like the one you describe – it is often necessary to have manual therapy 1 or 2 times daily immediately followed by a focused (1 on 1) and very specific rehabilitation program, and then immediately followed by another manual therapy session. Too often I have worked with clients where manual therapy was not done enough, or rehab was not specific. This led to poor outcomes and no relief for the patient.

      Good luck

      • I had extensively manual physical therapy for 2 and a half yrs, every day for 4 hrs a day including pilates to build up my core strength. Problem is that I tore whatever muscles join the 2 hemisheres of female pubis and seriously injured my Si joint. I am also a massage therapist and work on myself several times a day on pressure pts and deep tissue massage. As soon as I stand and especially when I sit, my whole right hip/pelvis moves up and down with each step and rises higher and higher as day goes on unless spend whole day laying down. Was on opiates for past 8 yrs, now I am not, just Tramadol. It doesn’t cut all the pain. Need some kind of surgery to fuse the pubic and/or the Si joint. Is there such surgery? What type dr. Does it?

    • I am in the same boat. Did you ever get an answer?

      I am a 27 yr old female and my back was injured when I was 14. I was body slammed onto a brick fire pit to where my low spine/sacral area hit directly cebter of the brick wall. I was in physical therapy for many months and was able to deal with it. When i was 19 and pregnant it went down hill again. My pt said pregnancy and difficult delivery probably damaged the already weak ligaments. After thousands of dollars of pt, mri, xrays, traction, and countless dr visits, i have not gotten relief at all. I have however, been treated with disrespect, judgement, and like a hypochondriac. My primary doc seemed to care but not know what to do. My pain management and spine specialist act as if a young female is incapable of having pain. I have shown them that leg discrepancy is approx 2 inches (left appears longer) and my butt-crack is even crooked from the rotation – but I still dont get their attention. They say it shouldn’t cause pain like I “say” I have. I have shown the damaged capillaries clise to the skin on my lower back that I have ruined with a heating pad (I know this is bad but it gives temporary relief). They just dont seem to get it or care. I have seen people go in obvious fakes and get treated like they are dying simply because they are 10-20 years older. My back is so bad that having a second child is not possible because of the pain. They dont seem to get that is a big deal. How is it that this pain cant be caused by rotation or pelvic tilt if having limb length discrepancy can cause it?

      Sorry to rant. Please let me know if you found an answer.

      And dr. If you check here… is it possible to have a constant pain from this issue? Thanks in advance.

      • Thank you for the comment Tabby.

        Unfortunately your story is common. Too often people in pain become part of the system and fail to get the attention they need and deserve. Most of my clients have this same problem. Insurance expires, PT is not focused and the doctors just give drugs to shut you up.

        I really couldn’t say for certain if constant pain is from this or not. But I could say it is a very strong possibility.

  2. I have been suffering for 7 years now. I have NO idea what caused this crippling problem. I am DESPERATE for help. You are the first person I have found (besides Dr. Marc Heller in Oregon) who seems to have an intimate understanding of this disability. I
    The first problem I noticed was a burning pain deep in my buttock. I went to PM&R doc who immediately told me it was SI Joint. Gave me a shot. It went away. 8-9 mos later, I had increasingly bad pain in my leg, which over time became unbearable…I limped…could not drive more than 10 minutes (Right leg)…could not climb stairs (Had to go up using only one leg),,,could not even kick my shoe off. Finally went to PM&R doc and immediately diagnosed me with Hip Bursitis. I went to regular PT for 2 mos. Only 50% better. 6 mos later, I was back in PT just as bad as I had been. This time I went to Orthopedic Manual PT. I will never go to any other type! He cured my pain FINALLY! I thought I would be in that pain forever. When we finished, however, he asked me, “Then why are you still limping?” I said I didn’t know…?? I had been suffering with lower back pain this entire time, but never tied it in. After having to go back to PM&R doc for what I now know very well as SI Joint pain and received epidural shot (which took my pain away within 2 days) I began reading up on the SI Joint and realized that all the severe back pain I had been having was all tied-in to the SI Joint, as was the Hip Bursitis, the limp, the lower pelvic pain, the inability to sit long, stand long, etc. I went to a Chiropractor and he noticed my inverted hip (my leg actually turns in) and worked on me for six mos at the same time as a new Manual PT. To no avail.
    I now live for an epidural every 4 mos. that only gives me relief for 1.5 mos. I suffer unbearably for the next 2.5 mos until I can get another epidural. I am depressed and upset and beyond DESPERATE for help. I run a business and am there 55 hrs per week. This makes it very hard to “find” a professional who can fix this. Any help is appreciated. My give-up choice will have to be surgery. I am a 53 yr. old female with bulging, slipped disks, etc. that do not bother me ANY WHERE NEAR as much as this SI Joint problem does. HELP!

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