3 comments on “Is the US Government Responsible for the American Obesity and Chronic Disease Epidemic?

  1. Great post.

    I do in fact believe that the USDA can be blamed for the uptick in obesity and chronic disease. I also agree with you somewhat that the People should also be blamed to a certain extent. I think this blame can really only be shifted onto the people after they have been informed(medically or in the mirror!) that they are headed down a rabbit hole of poor health.

    I say this because as a coach and trainer I know that the general population is lazy (and that’s with people who show up to the gym everyday!). This laziness makes pictures like the food pyramid and ‘My Plate’ seem like very attractive options for someone who has no idea how this whole nutrition thing works, finds it overwhelming, and/or too complicated. Because of this I think many choose the path of least resistance and looking at the picture and taking it as gospel is pretty damn easy.

    So I think yes, the people can be blamed, but the people aren’t even paying attention until it’s too late and then they turn to the easy option (UDSA recommendations in picture form and found everywhere) or crash diets…

    The USDA isn’t out of the weeds though in my book! They are the ones with the funding and the ability to conduct real studies and publish real results in a way that the layman can understand. Unfortunately, much like most large entities, they are slow to innovate, afraid to challenge the status quo, and afraid to admit their mistakes and set the record straight.

    Okay, sorry for my long rant! Just found your blog today and will be checking it out! Thanks!

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