3 comments on “Stephen Strasburg Syndrome: The Importance of Pitch Count

  1. The studies you cited were done on healthy pitchers. Keep in mind this is Strausburg’s first full year back after TJS. Limiting innings this year is a long-term rehab consideration, not an absolute for all pitchers. The question you raise about pitch counts is valid, just not for Strausburg in this case. A more pertinent question our research needs to answer is whether there are certain biomechanical issues that predispose one to UCL injury. We discovered factors related to ACL injuries in female athletes, let’s do the same for our pitchers.

    • First and foremost thanks so much for the input. I completely agree with your statement – Strasburg is a long term investment. But, I posted this as a debate – I have yet to see evidence that a limitation works, have you? Likewise, how many pitchers have had recurrent UCL tears? Very little. How many of those are because a pitch count was not imposed? I cannot think of one such example.
      I agree we need more refined questions in research to understand the cause of UCL. Does fatigue alter mechanics and increase rotational torque at the elbow? Yes, poor neuromuscular hip control has been proven to precipitate ACL injury. However, the question of shoulder mechanics has been raised many times – but significant data lacks regarding the link between shoulder mechanics and elbow torque. Little work has questioned distal mechanical issues precipitating elbow injury. A recent study indicated that pro-supination limitations created altered glenohumeral mechanics. Maybe this is a cause?

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